Who is Shaheed Abdol?

Meet the man

Shaheed Abdol is just another guy, born in 1986, who wanted to make something better of his life... He studied hard, played hard, worked hard and spends each day striving to outperform himself.

Shaheed Abdol

The early years...


Shaheed Abdol was born on the 26th January 1986, a healthy baby boy. He developed into a highly intelligent child, who mastered reading by the age of 5, and always stayed at an advanced reading level. He was a voracious reader, and quickly discovered his love for the sciences.

Within days problems cropped up, Shaheed suffered from asthma attacks and violent seizures. His parents rushed him to hospital, fearing for his life, but were relieved to find that the asthma was treatable, and the seizures were due to a rare type of epilepsy - which caused a type of brain hyperactivity. Shaheed was simply too young to handle all the sensory stimulus his brain was responding to and "shut down" for short periods of time, his parents were told to keep him occupied and to make sure he got enough sleep.

With much love and nurturing the asthma abated, and the seizures became a rare occurrence in his life. He had found something to occupy his mind - reading.

The "tween" years

Primary School progressed normally, although his parents were offered the option to advance Shaheed's grade, twice, due to his advanced reading ability and quick comprehension. His parents turned down the offers, thinking about his psychological development, and wanting him to progress at a natural pace.

Shaheed found the love of books early in life, and by the age of 10 he had nearly consumed the entire local library. After his parents discovered his love of reading, they quickly acquired library cards for all the libraries in town, and within 2 years Shaheed had exhausted the supply of books on which he could reasonably lay his hands. That's when his family, most notably his uncle Carriem, stepped in to provide him with a steady stream of reading materials - books, manuscripts, magazines, anything to feed his hungry mind.

The late '90s

"At the time I didn't know why I spent all my time reading, but I loved it. Every word became an experience, every sentence was a new adventure and every book was a chapter in my life.."

Shaheed didn't need much to keep himself busy, he found that he had gained the ability to fix things - thank's to the many technical manuals he had consumed, and happily busied himself with tinkering. He had discovered how to perform plumbing procedures, how to work with electrical appliances and even how to fix common appliances.

"I have always had a great memory, and I found that I could recall certain kinds of information more vividly than others - mostly technical stuff, like schematics and wiring diagrams."

He tried his hand at many things, but finally settled on woodwork as a hobby. He liked constructing things, and found that wood was a great medium to bring function into form without much hassle.

I finally found that woodwork gave me the most satisfaction, honing a block of wood into something aesthetic or functional always gave me great joy. I loved building boxes of all kinds, cabinets, speaker enclosures and chests all gave me great joy.

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